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When we speak about bathroom furnishing we think about toilet bowls, washbowls, tubs and showers, which are certainly necessary, but you can furnish a bathroom also with many other pieces of furnishings and accessories, depending also on the size of the room and on the use you want to make of it. In accumulation to the purpose it has been conceived for, the bathroom can be used also for other reasons, to be transformed into a rest area or into a room where you can take care of your body, When you have to choose the furniture for your bathroom, you need to think about first of all your budget and the size of the room. If you can spend a bit more and the room is big enough, you can turn your bathroom into a real relaxation area. As far as the essential features of the bathroom is concerned, i.e. toilet bowls, washbowls, tubs and showers, the choice is not straightforward at all: with different models and shapes of bowls and washbowls you are really spoilt for choice, not to speak about materials and colors. While in the past the choice of white was almost obligatory, nowadays you can choose among many different colors and try to match the colors of these essentials with the ones of furniture, tiles, carpets, curtains and accessories, all important, it sounds as if minor features, which are necessary to give the room a special touch. The best shops offer a wide range of furniture and garnishes, and sometimes it does not take much to give a room a very own style. For example you can choose design pieces of furniture where to put creams, cleanser and clean towels, or toilet paper roll holders with particular shapes and colors. If the room is big enough, you can furnish your room also with chairs, stools and even a chaise longue, where you can lie while you wait for the face mask to take effect.


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