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Actually, I'm an overnight success. But it took twenty years.

Flaxseed get better skin setting such as eczema, Psoriasis, inflammation, acne, rosacea, dry and mature skin by provide healthy cellular activity and skin renewal. It softens skin, heals abrasions, reduces scars, heals burns, reduces the redness of rash, and diminishes growth. While join this natural oil with calendula oil and mango butter, it is healing for dry skin, dry flaky skin, dry scaly skin and more. Flaxseed can be used for make family soap, lotions, creams, balms and more. It is considered to be a complete amino acid, essential for healthy metabolism and the absorption of nutrients. Flaxseed is well known for its in general fit skin care profit!

Flaxseed can be used internally and externally. Internally, you can sprinkle ground up flaxseeds on foods like oatmeal, mixed vegetables, cereals and breads. Instead of grinding up flaxseeds, some find it easier to take a recommended dosage of flaxseed oil. Add this natural oil to a protein shake or just a glass of water. Externally, flaxseed oil can be used in making homemade lotion, soaps, creams, balms and other homemade skin care products! You c


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